Blister Winter Buyer’s Guide 2015/2016

Getting to design the first ever Blister Winter Buyer’s Guide was an exciting opportunity. Blister is such a great company because they are a company with character. Unlike other buyer’s guides, they are committed to unbiased reviews. They go out and review the products themselves, not taking any money from manufacturers to favor their products. Even the Editor-in-Chief and Senior Editor hit the slopes testing these products.

I had some beautiful photos to work with that feature the reviewers in the process of reviewing. This is a special feature, which is why the photo credits are more prominent than usual. I had fun playing with angles to make subtle visual cues to the slopes and skis. I also had to create some means of visual organization for this lengthy piece, such as the color-coding, dog ears, and spec boxes. It was a challenging but exciting piece and I look forward to volume 2.

Client: Blister Gear Review